If you are a successful celebrity, you should never be disloyal to your fans because they are the reason you got this far. You SHOULD be obsessed with them because you are practically running a business. A business will always find a way to engage your consumers. Showing love to the people that support you is not tacky so please get off of your pedestal. If you treat your fans like sales on a spreadsheet or your income, karma is going to come back at you like a dark horse.


How to Introduce a Setting


The important thing to remember is that you do not need to spend paragraphs in the beginning of your novel introducing your setting. Only give your readers what they need to know right away to understand the story, then you can gradually introduce the other aspects of your setting over time. Focus on where your character is, what is important about the setting at that moment, and how the setting either hinders or helps your character in that scene.

Remember that your setting also includes people and their ideologies. People interact with the setting of your story in a specific way and it should be explored. 

Here are a few ways to practice introducing your setting:

  • Pick a place you’re familiar with and write down details you think are important.
  • Imagine that you need to describe that setting to someone who has never seen it before. What would be important? What would be worth mentioning? Focus on these points.
  • Write a paragraph of that setting you would find in an advertisement. Why would people be interested in it? After that, write a negative review from someone who has visited that place. Why don’t they like it? What might be bad about that place?

Setting is not just about location, it’s about everything that can be experienced in your scene. What time is it? What’s the weather like? Is this place creepy? Is it warm and inviting? It helps to focus on the feel of a place, not just it’s physical location. 

Hope this helps!



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Is this Jayden Smith?


Open Your Eyes To The Truth And Power Within Yourself, The Moon Is Over The Hammy For A Reason. Think.


Smoke rises from Tuffah neighbourhood after Israeli air strikes in the east of Gaza City on July 29, 2014. (Mohammed Saber/EPA)


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Queen Hatshepsut of Ancient Egypt. She has a lovely smile for someone who’s been dead for thousands of years.


this is painfully accurate.


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